Range Hoods



Range Hoods

The leader in handcrafted range hoods of copper, polished stainless steel, stainless steel, aged bronze and brass.

  • Seamless kitchen exhaust hoods the first and still the only 1-piece kitchen hood with stack and canopy joined without a trace. Island range hoods. Euro kitchen range hoods.
  • Handcrafted custom range hoods and standard range vent hoods fashioned by master craftsmen from one of the worlds most elite metal works.
  • Custom range hoods if you can imagine it, we can build it.
  • Fine Metals & Exotic Finishes stainless, copper or brass; polished, brushed, distressed, antiqued.
  • Kitchen exhaust fans Hy-Ex 1.4K the quietest roof and wall exhaust fan available; up to 1400 CFM.
  • Range hood liner XL Professional Liners for wood range hoods, stucco range hoods, range hood shell and designer wood range hoods.

Abbaka Range Hood

ABBAKA, metal sculptures in kitchen range ventilation. Prices beginning at $4950. Let us build a masterwork for you.

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