66 XL Professional Wall Liner for Remote Blower

Code : VW-06624-NB

  • XL Professional Stainless Steel Liner
  • with Commercial Baffle Filters
  • for External & Attic (in-line) Blowers
  • (Blower separate line item)
  • Light Description: 4 Halogen lights
  • Switch Description: Light and variable motor speed switches incl.
  • Liner Width: 64 1/8 Liner Depth: 22 1/8 Liner Height: 12
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  • 66" XL Professional Stainless Steel Wall Liner
  • Liner Width: 64 1/8 In. Liner Depth: 22 1/8 In. Liner Height: 12"
  • for use with External & Attic (in-line) Blowers (Blower separate line item)
  • Filters: Stainless Steel Baffle Filters - Spring Loaded Dishwasher Safe
  • Lights: 4 dimmable Halogen 35 Watt MR 16 Flood
  • Switches: Light and variable motor speed switches installed in liner





  • 66" XL Professional Stainless Steel Wall Liner
  • All Stainless - 16 Gauge (liner lies flush to hood opening); Type 304 (no rust)
  • Custom Size Option:  if standard size does not fit your opening, order custom width and depth
  • Operating Sound Level:  as low as 43 dbA, so you can carry on a conversation while cooking
  • Power:  800-1400 CFM exhast capacity standard for no compromise to the power needed
  • Warranty:  5-7 years (25-75% longer than industry standard)
  • Concealed Attachment:  No visible screws, so your beautiful hood will have a liner to match
  • Controls:  Infinitely variable motor speed control and solid state light dimmer switch
  • Filters: Polished Stainless Steel Baffle Filters: 95% grease extraction, spring loaded for easy Dishwasher clean
  • Lights: 4 dimmable Halogen 35 Watt MR 16 Flood for fully illuminated cooking surface
  • Exhaust:  vertical standard with option for rear exhuast when ducting cannot go up due to an obstruction


ABBAKA Installation Instructions

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